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This is YOUR real estate journey and you deserve a team that prioritizes the things that are important to YOU!

As a potential buyer or seller of real estate, you have an abundance of choices of real estate agents in today’s market to work with.  It’s always a good idea to interview a few agents before making a decision. In this video we will list the areas East Texas Homes excels and, if these areas are important to you, then you might decide to interview us for the position.

The five areas are:

  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Knowledgeable
  • Empathy
  • Hustle

Let’s breakdown these down.



We will provide you with, day one, an outline of how we plan to sell your house or how we plan to help you find your next house.  If at any point during the journey you want to see what we’ve done or what’s left you can simply log in and see for yourself.  

For sellers we want you to know that your listing agent is doing all they can to market your home and get you top dollar.  For buyers we want you to know that you have an agent that isn’t just trying to get you to buy the first available house. The agent will work with you to not just find a house but find THE house.  This is YOUR money and you need to get the most out of it and we’ll make sure of that.



This should be the easiest category yet soooo many other agents fall short of simply not answering their phones when a client calls.  

Communication expectations should always be set at the beginning of an agency relationship.  As we discussed in the transparency section, we will provide an outline of what we will be doing…INCLUDING scheduled calls.  

There should never be a moment you, the client, wonders when you will hear from your agent again.



When you hire an agent you need someone that has a knowledge base that covers multiple areas.  Areas with appreciating home values, areas with tax hikes coming up, the ability to spot potential structural flaws in homes, local marketing know-how and local housing market trends are just some areas you might want your real estate agent to have some kind of knowledge base in.

As a team, we bring all these, and many more, to the table.  We don’t pretend to work in a vacuum. We leverage each others skills to give you, the client, the best real estate experience possible.


This is one of the largest purchases of your life!  Wouldn’t you want an agent to empathize with your position and not see this as ‘just another transaction?’

Every client is different in their needs and wants.  It’s our job as your agent to understand what your’e trying to achieve and get you from A to Z with as little friction as possible.  

If you’re the type of person that wants to know every detail..great we understand and will do that.  On the opposite side of things if you’re the type that doesn’t need or want to know every detail we’ll only contact you when you want.  

I think everyone can agree the world would be a much better place with more empathy.  It starts with communication but the follow-through of being empathetic is an area we feel we really shine.



Whether working to get lender approval or simply put a sign in your yard we work with hustle.  By working with purpose and direction we’re able to hustle more than the average agent.  

At the end of the day if you’re going to hire anyone, be it a yard man or an investment banker, wouldn’t you want someone that hustled for you?

Remember, this is YOUR choice and you need to decide the things you value most in an agent.  If you find an agent, whether it be on our team or another, that provides you with the services/skills you value then THAT’S A FIT!


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