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A little about me

With my parents being home builders, I have been wielding a nail gun since the ripe ole age of 14, and real estate naturally snuck into my blood. My mom was a flipper long before Chip & Joanna and used to make me crawl through the windows of abandoned homes so that I could unlock the door and let her in.  My first REAL job involving Real Estate began my Freshman year in college when I worked in the insurance department of a local bank. From there, I worked for one of the most reputable Land Developers and General Contractors in the Dallas area. I had the pleasure of meeting several talented Architects and fabulous first-time home builders. My deep roots in beautiful East Texas led me home to Tyler five years ago.  I like to say that I began my career as a Realtor so that I can now Legally unlock doors and let clients look (especially my mom.)

I love working with buyers and sellers, hearing their stories, and working hard to meet their needs and expectations.  Seeing someone's ears perk up when they find their dream home, or get an offer in the first 12 hours is my absolute favorite.  It's like when your baby smiles at you for the first time!

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