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What constitutes a successful real estate transaction for a seller?

Selling for as much money and as quickly as possible are the two obvious answers. However, the details that come up from day 1 of the listing to signing the last document at the closing table are what matters.

It’s important that there is a gameplan beyond sticking a sign in the yard and slapping some pictures on the MLS. It’s important that YOU know when you’ll talk to your agent next. It matters because this is YOUR MONEY, your equity that you’ve poured your time and money into, and you should know that your agent is going to work for it.

If you’re the type of person that not only EXPECTS your agent to provide results, as well as a game plan for how to produce those results then let’s talk. You can schedule a time that’s convenient for you below in the “Let’s Discuss” area or go to the bottom of the page that has our contact information listed.


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